Monday, 5 October 2009

There's a new arrival in Uganda..

I've arrived!

Getting here was fun, as I met Lindsey (the US short-termer I'm paired with) for a sightseeing trip in London before heading to Heathrow for the (direct!) flight to Entebbe, Uganda. It was an easy flight, though Lindsey was upgraded and I had to stay down in cattle class, but I had great chat with the Ugandan/British girl sitting next to me. I feel so blessed to have Lindsey here, as it's so much easier to go through this transition with someone, and we're already getting on like a house on fire.

We arrived tired but happy to this tropical paradise. It's sunny (most of the time) and hot, and there are monkeys on next door's roof. We're currently staying in the AIM guesthouse in Kampala, and have met missionaries from all over the central region of Africa. There are some really inspiring people here!

We have one day left on orientation before heading down to Mbarara (crossing the equator on the way), where the real fun begins. We'll be staying in a homestay in a small village for 5 days, before moving into our apartments in town. Please pray for good relationships with the family who have kindly agreed to take us to help us get settled into Ugandan life.

The Mbarara missionaries we've met so far have been amazingly friendly and are a brilliant team. I can already see that myself and Lindsey are being welcomed in and should slot in nicely. There's one other Brit, and about 7 Americans, but in January there'll be three of us Brits!

Please pray that I'll be able to get working in the lab as soon as possible, or at least meet the people I'll be working with. Getting my work permit should be easy but long-winded, and that needs to be done before I can start any real research. I'm really looking forward to meeting the people I'll be working with.

More to come after the homestay..

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