Saturday, 12 December 2009

Girlie night - Ugandan style

Last night has to have been one of the best nights I've had so far in Uganda. It's been on my heart a lot that compared to the girls my age at uni here, Lindsey and myself have a LOT of space to ourselves, so last night we filled our place to overflowing with girls for dinner and a film. At the highest point we must have had over 20 people squeezed into a space about 8'x10', with a few spilling out of the door, and I don't think the laughing stopped all night. They had all just finished exams so a party was needed, and we were all able to let off a huge amount of steam and giggle incessantly to our heart's content.

The girls were a mixture from our 'Every young woman's battle' on saturday afternoons, the university baptist church and the AIM team, and even though not everyone knew each other, you would never have been able to tell. Somehow we managed to feed everyone on pasta and tomato sauce and nachos (describing which was the pasta and which was the nachos was fun), even though I almost had a panic attack when the pasta turned into a congealed mush of starch and had to be rinsed and reheated - not easy when it's pasta for 20! I'm going to put some pictures up when I figure out how, to demonstrate quite how squashed we were, but even though we had to option to go somewhere bigger, we chose to have it at ours to show the girls how welcome they are at any time, and so that we could use our home in our ministry as well as ourselves. It reminded me of a triple navs pod, but I didn't get homesick as we had such a good time.

We all squished in and layered on top of each other to watch three (yes, three!) films, and finally fell asleep at about 4am when there was still 6 of us left. I got eaten alive by mosquitoes, as my mozzie net would never have fit over so many people, but it was worth every ml of blood lost.

I had the most wonderful feeling of knowing that these girls are my friends, not just my 'mentorees', and that even though we come from entirely different cultures, our love of Jesus has brought us together to glorify Him in our sincere love for one another. If this is what being a missionary is all about, then sign me up for life!

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