Tuesday, 12 January 2010

Back home in Mbarara

Well, I was just about to sit down and write out a new year prayer letter, but the power's gone out and I only have 4 mins left on my laptop before the battery goes out. So I'm going to bullet point some of the contents so everyone out there can know I'm still alive and excited about these next few months in Uganda:

- I'm back!
- Work starts tomorrow and we're starting a new drug trial which means double work for everyone
- I'll be joining the choir at St Luke's (my church) as soon as the students come back at the end of January
- Have just come back from the AIM central region conference in Jinja, and spent some time thinking about what it means to be a long term missionary, and talking to some real live ones
- We're thinking of moving as we had a burglery over the holidays
- There are also some more sensitive things which are deserving than just a bullet point.

Please pray we have power back within a week!

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