Wednesday, 13 January 2010

In memory of our beautiful little girl, Amy Jerusalem

Last week, during conference, we heard the news that Amy, the wonderful little baby who had been fostered by the Ward family, had died following severe dehydration and an unknown infection. She was HIV+.
We had Amy with us for a little under two months, and although she was with the Wards, she was a daughter to all of us and will be missed by many.
Amy was abandoned in a sports bag in the children's ward at my hospital when she was roughly two months old. She had no sucking reflexes so had never been well fed. The wards and the rest of us, her family, made sure to give her enough hugs to make up for her time without them, and though her time with us was short, it was sweet.
We tested her for HIV as soon as possible, and (praise be to God) thanks to my job at the HIV clinic we were able to rush her results through and make sure she got the care she needed as soon as we could.
Amy brought us closer together as a team, and was a little missionary herself as we had some of the british but non-christian staff at the hospital praying for her.
On new year's day she was passed over to the Kehns, her adoptive parents, but she had already been admitted to hospital that week and was back again when she stopped eating.
Please pray for the team as we handle this tragedy together, and especially for the Wards and the Kehns. We know now that her pain has ended and she's snuggling into Jesus' shoulder, but we are greatly feeling her loss. Please also pray for the new babies we will be recieving soon, and for any family who feels so poor and unable to handle life that they need to abandon their baby.

Above all we remember the Lord's sovreignity, and praise Him for the time we were able to spend with Amy Jerusalem, and be her family.

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  1. Oh Mrs - that so sad! She is beautiful! I'm praying that you would recieve a special dose of Jesus' comfort as you trust him for little Amy and the 2 Cor 1:3-7 would be your experience.

    Lots of Love

    Fi xxxxx