Sunday, 7 February 2010

School's back!

Well, it's the beginning of February, which means the students are back after an insanely long christmas holiday, and the school kids are starting a new year. Two of the kids of the family we stay with have moved away to boarding school (they're 12 and 14, but it's one of the only ways to give them a decent education), and Lindsey and I went with them to move in. It's a good 45 minute drive to get there, and there's only one visiting day a term, but we're hoping to go and see them at some point. I will miss them a lot, especially Deborah, the only girl and youngest of 6, who comes to see us all the time and treats us as surrogate sisters, although sometimes I wonder if it's just so she can use my nail varnish.
We had a lovely day dropping them off and seeing the new school, and Perry (the mum) rather embarrassed Deborah by getting all the girls in the new dorm to sit down quietly so I (!) could pray for them. She took this lovely picture that I thought was worth sharing:

You can't actually see Deborah there, as she's sitting on her bunk bed (the third tier!).
We were also invited to a graduation party last week, but none of the photos are really of a quality to share as we arrived late (due to dropping Deborah and Asaph off) and had to sit at the side and couldn't really see. But we did hear some emotional speeches, most of which were in Runyankole but kindly translated by a kind aunt sitting next to us (my language is coming along far too slowly to follow speeches!) and have some nice cake, which was shaped like a computer and a book, as Julius had studied computer science. Apparently it was the first cake in the world to have satellite link-up, although I'm not sure I believe that.

In the last few weeks I've been struggling a little with stress-related migraines, and I have the start of one now so wasn't able to go to church, which is maddening as it's the first one back after the students have arrived. There was no power at work this week, though, so no need for me to go in, which is a blessing in disguise as I've been able to rest and try and avoid headaches. But next week is life x200%, as everything is starting back at once - tuesday night team meeting, thursday night discipleship course, saturday afternoon girl's student Bible study, saturday evening choir practice, and work back on as usual if the power is working again (we almost had a fire last week due to a short circuit). I've also been invited to wednesday night choir fellowship and to take part in a musical show that will practice on mondays! I will need to be looking more and more to Jesus for my strength and stamina, and wisdom in taking rest and what to take part in.

I hope to start filling my spare time (yes, it'll be there somewhere) with meeting with the girls one on one again, and am continually praying into planting the seeds that will grow into a community of girls who confide in each other, pray together, grow together and trust each other 100%.

You see, that's my vision for this year - that self-sustaining community of girl students that are completely independent of missionaries. Girls that lead Bible studies, that disciple one another and feel comfortable sharing deep issues with one another. God is working to make that happen, and I feel blessed that he's using me to help!

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