Monday, 1 February 2010

Weird things I didn't expect about Uganda

There are some things I do that I never really expected when I first arrived here! In fact, they don't seem at all extraordinary now, but one thing occurred to me as being a little bit odd and I sat down to think and realised there are a whole host of strange things going on, so for entertainment's sake, I decided to make a list..

- I swat mosquitoes against the wall with my bare hands and get prouder and prouder as my collection of little black smears grows (extra points for a red smear)
- I am completely unmoved by gecko poo up my walls (a little like mouse poo, but vertical)
- Same goes for the geckos themselves, who tend to hang around in my wardrobe
- I get self-conscious if people don't stare
- Looking out of my bedroom window and seeing a cow/goat/unaccompanied small child doesn't seem weird at all
- The idea of drinking water out of the tap makes me shiver
- Sitting side-saddle on a motorbike driven by someone I've just met feels perfectly safe
- Having guests round and not having enough chairs doesn't feel rude
- I answer to 'mzungu'
- Wearing trousers feels a little bit risque
- It takes a couple of seconds for me to notice mix ups of 'r' and 'l', for example 'Let's crap for Jesus Clist' and 'we are all very bressed'

One thing I will NEVER get used to, is being told I'm getting fat, and expected to take it as a compliment..

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  1. Ok you should explain the cow/goat thing...Young boys herd the goats and sheep and/or cows along the roadsides from pasture to pasture, except when along the highway where they graze on either side of the road shamelessly