Saturday, 17 April 2010

The other day we had a lady coming in saying she'd been cured of HIV and would like a DNA test. Wow! it started a whole ream of debates and arguments within the staff (especially as at first we all thought she'd already had one test and been negative, which wasn't true). There were three camps:

- Those who were sure she must have been a false positive in the beginning and had never had HIV, because HIV can NEVER be cured

- Those who riled against her pastor for telling her she was cured, and got mad at her for being so foolish, because HIV can ALMOST NEVER be cured by God

- Those who were saddened by a pastor who would tell someone they were cured and be paid (!) to pray for someone's healing, but reminded everyone that it was actually possible she was cured as God can do all things

I was in the last group with two other people. We haven't actually had an answer yet, though we did a rapid test (with a 98% accuracy) which was positive. The DNA test is so expensive that she had to go away and find the money, and we haven't seen her again yet. Theoretically, she could be cured and still be positive on the rapid test, as that only tests for antibodies which would (I guess?) remain if she'd been cured. So she could have been. And she's not a fool, as she's still taking her drugs while she waits for the other test.

If she does somehow find the money (£50, roughly a month's wages for a low office worker or something like that, and I don't think she makes that much) then I'll update you on how the test went. Yes, it will probably be positive, but we do have a God who defies odds and heals. There's quite a lot of us praying for her healing, and it would be such a testimony to those cynics in the lab who wouldn't entertain the notion that she could have been cured.

Next part of this story may follow..

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