Sunday, 13 June 2010

Goodbye Africa.. for now

Well I'm here in Uganda, two days after I was supposed to leave! My flight was cancelled (again, the previous one was as well) and I was rebooked for this Monday. Hopefully I'll actually make it home this time. It's frustrating as I needed to start work at SMRT on Monday and will now miss at least one day, and my birthday is on Wednesday and I won't have time to organise anything!

So these will be my final greetings from Africa for at least a little while.. I'll be back here as soon as humanly (or Godly) possible, but until then, I'll be in Birmingham. Yes, it's official! I'm moving to Birmingham, not Glasgow, to work with the Navs there. I'll keep updating this blog about my journey towards career missions in Africa.

I'm very excited about what God has in store for this next stage.. please keep praying :)

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