Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Home and alive

Quick update.. (wow, two in two days, are you impressed?), I've actually made it back to the UK, and with very long braided red and purple hair. I had a lot of positive comments in Uganda (including a few enquiries as to whether I'm married based solely on the hair) but it'll be interesting to see what people's reactions will be in England.
A couple of examples so far would be my dad with 'Wow, very African', and my mum with 'Oh my GOD!' (that was actually the first thing she said when she opened the door when I arrived home). We'll see what the next few days bring and I'll let you know.

The only culture shock I've had so far has been a getting very confused that it was 9.30pm and still light outside. I had honestly thought it was 6.30pm!

On a more serious note, these next few months will be a very busy time of working at my old school in June-July, searching for temporary work for August and preparing and fundraising for Connect, which will start in September in Birmingham. For more information on the Connect programme click here. I have to raise at least £8,500, which is a pretty daunting amount and I'm rather nervous about what lies ahead, but I'm trusting that God has lead me this far and has always provided, so He will continue to do so because He is faithful. Phew!

Update: I just want to boost the amount of people who see this post here - Calling all hairstylists. A very good friend of mine wants to train to cut mzungu (white people's) hair as there are no jobs really anywhere! So if you're a mission-orientated hairdresser, or know any, have a look and spread the word!
Update #2: Having been into work, my mum is still the only person who doesn't like my hair.

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