Wednesday, 18 August 2010

Nearly there..

Less than two weeks to go until I move to Birmingham! I can't believe it's come around so soon. I think the time is going so fast because I'm working 1-10pm every day for Oxfam doing door to door fundraising. It's hard work, but really rewarding to see people commit to giving regularly to such a great cause.
My own fundraising is going slowly but surely. I still have quite a way to go before I can say I'll have enough to live and work this year, so if you're able to help I would really appreciate it - just get in touch for a Navs support and Gift Aid form, and I'll be able to claim back 28% on your giving (7% will go to the Navigators as admin fees). I have to raise a total of £8,500 (roughly) to see me through this year, so if you would like to get involved it would be wonderful to have you join me in this!
I have a lot of studying to do before starting on the 6th of September - at the moment I'm reading 'The Drama of Scripture', which is a fascinating book that looks at God's work in the world and with His people throughout the entire Bible and how it relates to us now.
I've almost definitely found a house and flatmates for this year - I'll definitely be living with Kyleigh, the other Connect worker coming to Birmingham this year (all the way from the US!) and we may be living with a friend of a friend, who has a lovely house with two nice rooms for rent. I'll be going up to Birmingham this weekend to have a look around, hopefully that will go well! If you're in Birmingham this weekend, give me a shout.
I'm afraid that's as exciting as my news gets at the moment! I'll try and keep this much more updated as the move gets closer. I really appreciate how all of you are keeping me in your prayers, it's those that will keep me going this year much more than money ever could!

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