Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Prayer letter, Feb 2012

First visit: October ’09
Most recent: Summer ’11
Jobs: Started as a lab tech before moving into women’s ministry
How?: I studied biology, but soon realised my passion for building up young women so trained in women’s ministry with Navigators UK
Organisations: AIM then GETS, always overseen by The Navigators
Why? Young women in Uganda can have a brighter future with the confidence and skills they gain through my classes and one-on-one teaching

This next trip is less of a ‘trip’ and more of a ‘move’! As of March 2012 I’ll be living in Mbarara, Uganda for at least two years, working with young women and studying for my diploma in counselling.
The GETS programme (Girls Empowered To Serve) will be restarting on the 1st of March with 4 brand new girls aged 18+, to begin 6 months of classes covering things like leadership, computer and vocational skills as well as a strong focus on developing their personal faith in God and, most importantly, confidence in themselves. In a culture that tends to downplay and often actively suppress the importance of women, this course is unusual in that we focus on giving women a voice and a hope for the future. We concentrate on a few and encourage them to go out and demonstrate what they’ve learned. All of our 8 graduates are now in further study and are sharing their new skills with their friends, so now it’s time for the class of 2012! I will be joining the leadership team in teaching classes and helping them develop as individuals through counselling and one-to-one mentoring.
I will also be some teaching some classes in universities and colleges on equipping ourselves and others in relational disciple-making (sharing our faith with others effectively and with integrity).
The rest of my time will be split between studying counselling (1 week/month) and working with a small group of young women who became Christians as a result of the conference led jointly by the Navigators team and GETS girls of 2011 (see

picture, above). They have asked me to join them in creating a community dedicated to growing in faith and reaching out to their workmates and families. Watch this space for more info - at the moment we are at very early days.
That’s all for now, so until next time..  
With love, Lou Talbot 

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Prayer Points
Preparations for the move
My funding is still insufficient - please pray
for provision and perhaps consider partnering with me financially
Though I’ve faced it many times before, I am still
daunted by the final preparations! Packing, booking flights, insurance..
First few days
I will be arriving and getting stuck in
immediately, needing to deal with a big change in weather and culture. Pray for keeping my head on straight and fully relying on God!

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