Monday, 12 March 2012

Dusty and dry and very short showers

Well, the rainy season is late so real life in Uganda has hit me hard! Lack of water means we don't have enough water pressure to fill our tank, so we had no water in the house. Just last night we filled the tank a little bit with jerry cans, but we're now on severe water conservation - for those of you in the UK, think extreme hosepipe ban! Have to duck in and out of the shower only when necessary, and no more night foot washing which means bedsheets get VERY dirty.
Everything is v dry and hot, and the sun is constantly belting down (except at Lake Nabugabo, but I'll explain in a bit). I know I was saying a lot before I left that I couldn't wait to be in the tropical paradise that is Uganda, but the reality is that the weather makes life pretty hard for many people here. Planting has already happened, but no rain yet means harvests will be late and food expensive. Roads are dry and dusty and get all gets right at the back of your throat and into your eyes - someone recently recommended that I wear sunglasses all the time, even at night, to avoid the dust. It's dry!
The only place it's not sunny, apparently, is Lake Nabugabo, where a couple of friends and bussed down to for couple of days of holiday. It's about two hours east of Mbarara and is easy to get to by (hot and crowded) bus. We put the tent up in what felt like a gale, then spent most of Sunday getting burnt but not feeling it as the wind was so cold! The sun was hidden away but sent just enough rays through to turn all the mzungus in the group beetroot red. At least I'll tan..
So it's very dry holiday weather everywhere that isn't a holiday resort, but the real-life consequences are uncomfortable and making life more and more difficult for ordinary Ugandans.
Please pray for rains soon!


  1. Had any rain yet?

  2. Nope! Still pretty dry. It's going to be like a monsoon when they finally come. Water pressure's back up, though, so I can wash again!