Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Just a quick update - the internet is working for once but it's 7.20 in the morning and I need to leave for school soon.

Tooth is out! I made the decision to take it out and trust God that I'll be able to get the implant. It would have had to happen eventually, whether in one year or ten, so I prefer to decide for myself when to get dental treatment and not just repair it and wait for it to break again. It was also nice to spend some time in Kampala, though that place can get so hectic and mad, and overwhelmingly hot.

Monday was my first day back at counselling school, and I'll be there for a week. Being back studying it reminds me all the more why I wanted to in the first place - we can be hours late for lunch but no-one in class notices as we're all too excited about the subject matter. The teachers are inspiring, and it's exciting to be in a culture that recognises the importance of the spiritual side of ourselves, whatever our belief system.

The GETS girls have been left with a project to study a book and do a presentation on it next week. They requested the opportunity to learn public speaking skills, and even requested to do the presentations in front of more than just me and Mabel!

We also did personality tests last week, and I wanted to share some of the results with you as it's an interesting but quick look at the effects of culture vs genetics/personal preferences. If you're familiar with the Myers-Briggs types, you'll understand what I'm talking about, but I'll try and keep it simple for all of us. The test gives your four letters or preferences, and you have two options for each letter (E or I, S or N, F or T, J or P). The last preference, J or P, deals with whether people are more interested in details or the big picture of an idea. J's tend to be organised, punctual and detail orientated, whereas P's tend to be messy, spontaneous and generally late. All of my girls have J preferences, yet they are as liberal with time as any other Ugandan, and are more likely to be late than on time. It just shows the power of culture that we can behave in a way that our personality type would say should generally be the opposite - here being there for people and making sure you do get there, but not specifically to the minute of the expected time, is more important than being dead on time.

I didn't give this post a title as it doesn't seem to have a general theme, except maybe 'my week', which seems a little bit too primary school for my taste! If you have any ideas for a witty and intriguing title that will get thousands of people reading my blog, let me know!

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