Tuesday, 27 March 2012


Most of my posts recently have been all text, and look very boring, so I thought it was time to spend some pictures with you all. I can't put up many as bandwidth is slow, so here's a choice selection from my last 2 weeks.

While in Kampala I went to relax at Munyonyo Resort, built when the queen came to Uganda about 20 years ago and still very fancy. They are one of the only places in Uganda to have horses, and my favourite was Iron Bru - he's really Scottish, and his nose is orange from drinking too much Iron Bru. Only kidding.

We (Well, Brendan) were invited to a St Patrick's Day party at the Irish Embassy residence, and as we were in town we went along. It was far fancier than any party I'd been to before, except as a waitress! There were canap├ęs, fairy lights, speeches and Guinness all the way from Ireland. 

It must look like all I do is go on holiday, but it's not true! Though I have been travelling to lots of exciting  places recently. This weekend we did a quick jaunt up to Queen Elizabeth with some friends who are volunteers at St Francis, my counselling school. It's only 1.5 hrs away, and you can stay in a lovely resort called Kingfisher. I had to leave on Sunday evening to get back for school, and happily for them but sadly for me, everyone else saw leopards and lions on Monday..

Meet Iron Bru, one of the horses at Monyonyo resort. What a great name!

The embassy party even had a traditional band from a town near Brendan's home town.

We got all dressed up - Brendan even wore a tie.

The ugliest animals in Queen Elizabeth

I wanted to take a baby elephant home with me in my pocket..

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