Saturday, 17 March 2012

An unexpected trip, and fun at the dentist

So things have taken an unexpected turn here for me! This past week was supposed to be about settling in and really getting down to business with teaching the girls and lesson planning for the year ahead. The theme for this week is 'Getting to know ourselves and each other' and has involved focussing on Psalm 139, listening skills and following a programme allowing us to get to know our 'SHAPE'. We got to day 2 (which also included baking sugar biscuits - the first time any of them had baked, and Ozan now has plans to start a baking business, she loved it so much) and I went out for dinner with a few friends in the evening and..

My tooth broke.

I had a root filling in there, and turns out it was pretty weak. I now have almost nothing left of my tooth, and the dentist in Mbarara told me the only way I could get it seen to was to go to Mengo Hospital in Kampala, a 5 hour bus journey! Luckily, Brendan was going up himself to pick up his brother who's come to visit, so I wasn't alone for the journey and have had some company here in Kla.

Right now I'm in Kampala, and I don't know how long I'll be here for. I've seen the dentist at Mengo (hewas very reassuring - it's lovely to have Footsteps on the wall when you're nervous!) who is unsure whether he can save the tooth with another root filling or I should just take it out and have an implant. I have another appointment on Tuesday morning (will have been in Kampala a week by then!) and by then I need to decide what to do. An implant seems the best choice, but it's mightily expensive! A filling could last 1-10 years, but it's a gamble. Though dental treatment is far cheaper here than in the UK, an implant is still almost £900- that's the cost of a trip home, and a large dent in savings. Another filling and crown would be £200, a lot of which would be covered by insurance. Hard to know what to do!

So some prayers would be appreciated, and any opinions as well! I need to decide by Tuesday morning what I'll be doing. Thankfully, it doesn't really hurt very much, and I have a wonderful community of friends praying for me and calling regularly from Mbarara to see how I am. But it's very unfair on the girls to have them miss a week of teaching this early in the course, so I really need to be back with them soon.

On the plus side, being in Kampala gives me the unexpected opportunity to see some good Navigator friends here - you know who you are, and I can't wait to see your faces again after so long.

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