Tuesday, 3 April 2012


A lot of the things we study at GETS are interesting but not really anything you can take pictures of and show here. However, today, (along with book reports and looking at how worship needs to be of the heart and mind and not just singing) we baked cake!

None of the girls had ever baked cake before (the first time they baked was two weeks ago when we made sugar biscuits, which were a bit over-crunchy but yummy all the same). We followed a recipe from my Hummingbird Bakery cookbook - you can find the recipe here, it's really easy and tastes great. We made one big cake and added 10 mins cooking time, and I honestly haven't seen a more perfect vanilla sponge - these girls learn quickly. They've all already decided that when they get married this will be their wedding cake..

We got a bit excited and cut it up to make it before thinking of taking pictures, which is why it looks a bit bedraggled. We haven't got as far as learning to ice, either (one thing at a time!) and a couple of the girls had never seen the 'inside' of a cake before. I'm sure soon I'll be showing you pictures of perfectly iced vanilla sponges, as well as everything else they've decided we're going to make (including spinach and cheese muffins, banana bread and chocolate banana cupcakes), but in the meantime, meet the first ever cake made by any of the GETS girls:

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